“Style” for Playing Longboard

Sports longboard increasingly interested many people. Besides being more relaxed than the skateboard, a longboard can also be used in various ways. Not only serves as a means of transportation, this activity can also be converted into an extreme sport that nourishes body and soul, especially for those who like to challenge themselves. Visit our website and get beginner longboard which you can use if you are interested in doing challenging activities adrenaline. Get also the comparison of some types of longboard on the market.

Here are some “style” that known in the longboarding:

– Downhill and Freeride
This is how to play to the extreme with a longboard. Certainly needed roads in the mountains with a slope angle that can make the board longboard wheels drove very fast. Each bend is a challenge. But note by paying attention to traffic safety in the streets.

– Cruising and Carving
For starters, try the longboard with a way to enjoy more fun. Just choose the road at an angle that is not too sharp so they can glide with ease and slowly while learning to control longboard better. Cruising and carving can also be an alternative to jogging or cycling sport.

– Freestyle and Dancing
Freestyle and dancing require high creativity of the rider. That is not dancing on the board but do tricks and manoeuvres cool to be combined when her longboard. Some styles that can be called as a freestyle trick is shuv it, kickflip, cross step, or tiger claw.

All this longboarding style can be tried on condition should understand the basic techniques of playing longboard first. For those of you who are good at longboarding, you all can apply that trick to practice every day. One thing that you need to remember when longboarding is to use your safety equipment especially longboarding gloves and helmet.

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